Student Loans

A-level results day happened not too long ago, which means many people will now finally find out what university they will attend, and thus their future prospects. Many will gain placement to university on an unconditional offer, achieving abysmal grades but still getting to attending anyway. Many will have signed up for lackluster courses with poor prospects (me) at ex-poly univerties (not me) in the hope of having a better career, and most importantly to party and drink all day for 3 years.

Knowing that so many people are going to waste three of the most valuable years of their life, and encumber themselves with tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt, then why is this allowed to happen? For starters, the way student loans are operated in this country is basically that of an extra tax. With the interest rates on these loans being so high, graduates will barely shave off any of the actual debt, only making payments on the interest for the majority of their youth. Which is what this actually is, a youth tax. With the recent national insurance increase, young graduates are looking at paying close to 50% tax on earnings over £27,000. Money which is sorely needed on a deposit for a house. This is certainly part of the reason why the conservative government have kept up Blair’s “commitment” to higher education. Encourage children to make stupid fincancial decisions so you can milk them all the more for the next 30 years. This isn’t the only reason to funnel sixth formers into universities though, university graduates are far more likely to be left wing. Blair knew this, the Tories also know it, but are far too stupid and cowardly to do anything about it.

Widespread degree obtainment has made it nigh impossible to find an office job without holding one. Which of course causes more people to get degrees just to be able to get a professional job, and the cycle continues. This is probably responsible for a lot of latent infatilisation amongst young adults today. Many of them still feel and act like children. You would think living away from home as most students do, having to cook and clean, and study for your degree would make you more grown up sooner. The opposite occurs, and in part it’s probably from the lack of discipline. With no one to tell you to do the dishes, or attend lectures, or wake up at a decent time, most students just simply don’t. This causes a prolonging of the teenage years, now with copious amounts of alcohol. Not only is it seen through this, but also in their careers and bank accounts. Your adult life used to start at 18, now it starts at 21, or maybe even 22. Three years of saving for a house gone, three years of a long term relationship possibly ending in a family gone, three years of a career gone. This is a huge commitment that’s not to be taken lightly, but it is made by thousands with more ease than which song they should listen to whilst they pretend to pay attention in their maths lesson.

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