Crime and Bullying

The modern attitude towards crime is one of vast excuses. Crimes can no longer be committed because someone simply wanted to commit, there must be a higher reason, one which is out of their control. If they steal it’s just because they’re poor, if they randomly assault people on the street it’s because they’re a victim of their circumstance, they had a poor upbringing don’t you see? Society seems to be trying to justify their crimes for them, maybe because we just can’t bear the idea that bad people still exist in the world today, who want to rape and steal for the fun of it.

Moped gangs aren’t going around stealing handbags because they’re poor, they’re doing it because they’re greedy and want easy money. People have got to stop fooling themselves into thinking that more youth centres will stop chavs from stabbing each other.

The same approach is taken towards bullying in schools. There’s a very popular assumption that all bullies come from poor broken homes, and they’re only bullying because they have low self esteem. Whilst that may be true for some, that is not the case for most, many actually come from quite good homes, some people just find enjoyment in the suffering of others.

The way both of these situations are seen create issues in dealing with the problem. It can’t properly be fixed if the perpretrator is also seen as the victim.